A preferred approach to wealth management

PREF understands our partners’ objectives and delivers valuable tax credit opportunities that align with those financial goals. We buy, finance and sell tax credits, a viable wealth management tool used to reduce income tax liability for individuals, trusts, businesses, banks (CRA) and insurance companies (premium tax).

Tax credits mitigate income tax liability by allowing taxpayers to invest and buy tax credits at a discount and utilizing the credits on their return to offset tax liability. These transactions stimulate positive market and investment activity while delivering value to tax payers. Each tax credit is as unique as each taxpayer’s situation. The parameters of each tax credit determine if and how a taxpayer benefits. A variety of dollar for dollar tax credit programs exist including: Low-income Housing, Film/Entertainment, Renewable Energy, Mill and Historic. 

Any individual, trust or business with income  tax liabilities is a candidate for tax credits. Corporations, insurance companies, Trusts or individuals that pay $50,000 or more in state income tax can reap the benefits of tax credits. Furthermore, banks and other financial institutions buy tax credits in order to satisfy their Community Reinvestment Act requirements, and insurance companies buy tax credits to offset premium taxes.

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